Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Please read the terms and conditions carefully before you start, and using any of the various products Draweez you acknowledge your consent to any of the terms and conditions set forth below. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions set forth below, please stop using the site Draweez services and to deal with any of the various media channels.

Draweez reserves the full right to modify, alter or update these Terms and Conditions at any time and these amendments or changes or updates are binding on you automatically and on time.

An introduction

If these terms and conditions all site Draweez and services provided by the royal institution control (Trading gateway the Foundation for Information Technology). Once you buy products from the customer's site Draweez deemed to have agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions immediately, and in the case of some of the services contained on additional terms and conditions they would be obliged to promptly and accordingly. The above preamble is regarded as an integral part of these terms and conditions.


Definition of some terms that can be contained in these Terms and Conditions, unless the context requires the terms of the terms and conditions otherwise:

Site Draweez: It is wholly owned by the Foundation (Draweez) means the sale of electronic products and components and accessories of different digital products online, site Draweez services means any service provided by the site Draweez and bear the official mark, in any medium media such as the Internet, newspapers, magazines and mobile phones, exhibitions and any media and media other.

Registration for the site Draweez: is the membership registration process in any service of different Draweez site services.

Third party: is any intermediary media, commercial or propaganda, or any company or governmental or private party associated with the site Draweez contracts for the supply of services, acquiring or work Advertising, activities or any that would contribute to the former Draweez site services defined in the same This item.

Evacuation responsibility

Allows site Draweez users to associate him to participate in comment on the products and provide various tips regarding the use of certain products or different techniques, it also provides site Draweez through the contents and information products before third parties, and not contrary to the general provisions of the laws or prejudice by depending on local laws in Saudi Saudi Arabia. Draweez site does not guarantee or pledge in any way the safety of these materials, content or links. No guarantee for the safety of the information and comments provided by the user to any third party that does not provide. As Draweez site does not provide any representations directly express or implied, relating to non-susceptibility to violate the integrity or validity conditions relating to any order of things or because dealing or commercial use.

Draweez site does not assume any responsibility directly or indirectly for any loss or damage experienced by companies or entities arise due to site Draweez. Even with the reporting of such damages and losses, the site Draweez did not have full control over what publish Associate various services and reviewing all what is reported in real time either automatically or manually.

Draweez site does not bear the loss of any of the affiliates posts or information or content in all its forms, and does not guarantee the whole or part of the restored whatever reason, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Does not assume responsibility for the delay created a site to provide services or interrupted or suspended for any reason.

Does not assume responsibility for any site Draweez products or services by the use of Waitangi violates local laws and authorities in any country, the user shall bear all the responsibility and consequences of the type of application and use.

Registration for the site Draweez

Draweez site offers the possibility of recording memberships to complete acquisitions or enjoy various other services. User acknowledges this service full responsibility for maintaining their own passwords, and use the unique self-employed without grant access or use of this account to any other person or entity.

Acknowledges affiliated with the site Draweez the health of all its data, and comprehensiveness in terms of name, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address and phone numbers to be used in the procurement process credit cards, and bears affiliated with the site Draweez any damages resulting from the non-validity of this data or not updated immediately changed. As for the site Draweez entitled to conduct an investigation about the health of you or your data by site, or by other parties to guarantee the rights Draweez site in the completion of sales operations, particularly the processes credit card payments.

Draweez site does not assume responsibility for lost or stolen subscriptions Mounzben various services. Draweez also reserves the right to prosecute all violators of this item intentionally or unintentionally what can lead to damaging the location Draweez or any third party.

The right to stop any site Draweez membership enrollment at any time and for any reason, especially the reasons that relate to defrauding and stealing credit cards or circumvent the law or policy violation or violation of the terms and conditions.

Acknowledges affiliated with any service from the site Draweez Messaging Services to abide by these terms and conditions, as well as any terms and conditions specific to each service branch. (Example: Conditions for recovery of funds or conditions Ngairalsla products).

Publicity and announcement

Affiliation Draweez's allows you to automatically to receive promotional messages and bulletins Postcards from the site Draweez or one of its partners, if these messages are used to identify you or alert you to what is new in the location of the products or the availability of certain pieces at discounted prices, or through any news or offers to reduce believe it may interest you. If you see that these messages, newsletters mailing does not suit you can opt out and will be a link to unsubscribe is present in all e-mails received from Draweez site, you can also communicate with customer service to cancel receive SMS services.

Warranty on products

Some of the products in site Draweez under warranty, and are recognized security details in terms of replacement and maintenance conditions and the duration on the purchase invoice. In all cases, ensure the products subject to the redemption policy of the site Draweez.

Shipping Products

The site Draweez encapsulates all of the products sold in a cardboard box, which sometimes contained inside plastic or paper to ensure the safety of the product from shock and vibration. Site Draweez ship products offers service through third parties, the shipping companies reputable and outstanding service. And ensure that these intermediate companies in accordance with the agreed terms of their own product without connecting negligence or damage. Shipping products takes from two to three business days from the moment of confirmation buy the product with the customer, and this period is not included in the purchase night work or official holiday periods confirm times. Delivery of products to the circumstances of the geographical distribution of private remote and distant areas that require a period of overtime required by the third-party provider of shipping service subject, which is not subject to control or control site Draweez.

Representations and Warranties

User undertakes Draweez site and ensures that all data and information provided by any service from the various services that are correct and complete and is forged data. Also it agrees to use correct and valid credit cards and fall under the legal possession.

Draweez site user undertakes to compensate for any losses or damages arising from the lack of commitment to these terms and conditions or violation of any of the representations and warranties contained these terms and conditions, and to bear the costs and expenses of direct and non-direct lawsuits no matter what.

Quality of services

Site Draweez strives to provide the highest possible quality for users of multiple services, it is also trying to develop these services and increase customer satisfaction rates, but even though this does not guarantee the continuity of the work of his services permanently all the time, and does not guarantee a specific response to gain access to the digital contents, or specific dates for the time print services. Also it does not guarantee the continuity of the work of servers all the time or not exposed to any disruptions, whether or not they are free of viruses or security flaws. Also does not guarantee the time constant of the dates of delivery of cargo and goods.

Privacy policy

The site Draweez estimate takes into account users' privacy to the various media channels, is also keen on the confidentiality of all data collected from them, and so the site Draweez will not hand over any of your private data to any third party unless you agree to this.

Draweez site works according to the laws of Saudi Arabia and are subject to use all agreements and policies of the location of these laws